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Why Should You Do business with TextGuru Or Not Anyone Else?

You can relax now!

It's here finally, what you were looking for.

Our First Promise, Today, you'll find something unique & beneficial here that is going to take your business one level up and which is currently not offered by any other organization in our field. No matter what your pain is, whether it's about price, quality services, support, speed, utility, or anything else.

Textguru can tick the maximum boxes for you!

But the question again comes,

Why Textguru?

So, Let's scratch the answer today!

The first reason,

Promises make us what we are

At Textguru, you will get more than extra, and here's the biggest example:

"5 Secs. Delivery or Completely Free" On Core OTP SMS Only (PRO Route) (A Promise by Textguru)

Textguru is the only organization offering this exclusive feature for you in the PRO Route. The reason is that we have direct connectivity with the operator and an advanced technology system that we keep improving continuously by learning from customer experiences.

You can be assured about getting delivered with what you exactly need, and that's why we perform a lot of experiments & innovations that help us in making things possible for you.

There are more than 11 Strong Promises that we give you along with the services.

01. 100% Hassle-Free DLT Registration Guaranteed
02. 60 Days Money Back Guaranteed
03. 99.99% Server Uptime Guaranteed
04. GST Tax Invoice Guaranteed
05. Bulk SMS API Guaranteed
06. Quick Customer Support Guaranteed
07. 100% Trust Worthy & Believable Services Guaranteed
08. Multiple Route With Direct Operator Connectivity
09. Lowest Price Guaranteed
10. 80% Recurring Customer Base
11. 16 Years Experienced Company

And these are not just to say, we stay True to the promises. Our 80% Recurring Customer Base and their cheerful reviews are the proof

Reputation is a big thing

Hey! Do you like brands?

Yes, Right!

We always try to shop for branded products that are the best in class.

Even sometimes the local product seems to be more appealing but you go for the branded product only. Why?

Because it has been already tried and tested by thousands of customers and the brand is enjoying a great reputation. With that, it becomes easy for you to make the choice and trust the brand.

So, Reputation is a big thing in the decision, Isn't it?

And when it comes to Bulk SMS Providers, your decision becomes easier because Textguru is enjoying a great reputation when it comes to trust, transparency, or quality services.

The 16 years of intense focus and dedication with so many sleepless nights and continuous improvements helped us gain such appreciation from our trade. And that's the only reason we are able to deliver you with such a customer-friendly experience and really helpful services.

Transparent pricing & Originals Reports

3 Pillars of Textguru

Trust, Transparency, and Technology

Well, Transparency & trust are the top priorities we keep in our customer relationships so that the bond can be strong enough to go lifelong.

You get offered with live, original & transparent reports with everything mentioned clearly. What message has been sent to what & how many people, at what time, and at what price. Nothing remains hidden, it's an open and clear book in front of you. And the strong technology becomes a big help in making this clear & transparent communication with you and preparing the advanced reports so that you can stay calm & relax with everything.

Always ready to solve your Biggest Challenges

Thanks, You Solved!

These 3 relieving words you say after the solution of your complex problems help us feel like "Mission Accomplished"

Yes! We feel great when our experience, expertise, and enthusiasm helps you get solved your complex problems easily. We always look for such challenges because they not only help you give an amazing experience but also help us learn a lot with you and improve.

Any problem, we always come with a promising attitude to solve it. A quick & generous customer support is guaranteed for you.

Easy and Frictionless Experience

You can be assured of a seamlessly smooth experience while taking the services of Textguru. A Hassle-Free DLT Registration, 99.99% Server Uptime, guaranteed Bulk SMS API, Quick gentle Customer Support, and Superfast SMS Delivery.

A significant part of our efforts & resources is always dedicated in making regular improvements in our customer service or other departments that help us offer a satisfactory customer experience for you. Like, you can get Free DLT Registration Tele Support and a 60 Seconds Account Configuration. Also, you need not worry about the complex DLT Rejections, you can get that solved in less than 24 hours.

Also, you can test the services for up to 28 days, yes you get a 28-day money-back guarantee with Textguru. First Try, then Trust!

Because, Your win is our win.

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